Legal KM Community Issues a Demand: Give Us State Court Rulings and Judicial Analytics

In recent years, legal knowledge management (KM) has evolved from a loosely defined concept to a critical function of the world’s leading law firms. Firms are now hungry for valuable KM tools that not only… Read More

April 30, 2018, ,

To Ding or Not to Ding: A Judicial Analytics Case Study

Every California litigator is familiar with California Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) § 170.6, which gives each party to a case the right to disqualify an assigned judge based on a good faith belief that… Read More

February 21, 2018,

Reducing Guesswork and Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Gavelytics

I used to be a litigator at a large Los Angeles law firm, and the moment one of my cases was assigned to a judge, I did the first thing that most litigators do — I reflected… Read More

October 10, 2017
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