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Single Report

View the sample reports below and go to the Buy Reports page to find your judge.
Price per report is $499.

California Sample Report

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Florida Sample Report

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Nevada Sample Report

Nevada Sample Report Buy Reports

What can I do with Gavelytics?

  • Pitch Clients Bring value to new clients by bringing analytics into your legal practice. Show insider knowledge of the judge’s tendencies to stand out.

  • Data-Backed Strategy Use the Gavelscore to see how Defense or Plaintiff-friendly a county is during bench trials and make the best decision of where to file.

  • Manage Client Expectations Budget more accurately with analytics on how long your judge takes to bring a case to trial or how she rules on over 130 different motion types.

  • Avoid Wasted Motions Utilize motion analytics to see how your judge responds to ex-parte motions and save your clients time and money.

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