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What can I do with Gavelytics?

Motion Analyzer

Learn how a judge tends to rule on over 100 different types of motions

Judicial Workload

Discover if a judge is busier than the average judge in the jurisdiction


Get insight into a judge's tendencies to rule for plaintiffs or defendants

Judge Information

Receive a judge's contact information, pre-bench career and courtroom rules

Judge Summary

Get a high-level overview of a judge's key tendencies, all in one place

CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

See how often a judge receives CCP § 170.6 filings

Arbitrator Analytics

See how arbitrators and mediators behaved while on the bench

Ruling Database

Search a judge’s actual trial court rulings for better research

James Publishing

Judge Review by James Publishing

See what other experienced attorneys have to say about a judge

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