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What can I do with Gavelytics?

Motion Analyzer

Learn how a judge tends to rule on over 100 different types of motions

Judicial Workload

Discover if a judge is busier than the average judge in the jurisdiction


Get insight into a judge's tendencies to rule for plaintiffs or defendants

Judge Information

Receive a judge's contact information, pre-bench career and courtroom rules

Judge Summary

Get a high-level overview of a judge's key tendencies, all in one place

CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

See how often a judge receives CCP § 170.6 filings

Arbitrator Analytics

See how arbitrators and mediators behaved while on the bench

Ruling Database

Search a judge’s actual trial court rulings for better research

James Publishing

Judge Review by James Publishing

See what other experienced attorneys have to say about a judge


Schedule a remote court appearance with your judge

Judge Analytics Products

Our innovative legal analytics product provides you with actionable data that enables you to garner more business and win more motions and cases. It delivers current insights on numerous California judicial decisions in an easy to use format that enables you to access the information you need quickly.

High Powered Litigation Analytics

Gavelytics allows you to access insights about a particular judge overseeing your client’s case. These include, whether a judge is more likely to favor certain types of litigants; how often other attorneys file peremptory challenges against a judge; whether litigation speed may be affected by a judge’s workload; how a judge typically rules on more than 100 types of motions. Gavelytics effectively identifies the unique tendencies that each judge possesses.

Legal Analytics Options

You can choose from our single report or enterprise subscription product options. Within these options, Gavelytics gives you access to a great deal of valuable data and insights about a judge’s history and inclinations. Learn how long a judge’s average time to trial takes, their average case length, motions grant rates, their record vs. the county average, and many other key metrics.

Losing your case to opposing counsel is costly for your clients and your business. At the same time, obtaining the key judicial insights and data you need for success is an inexpensive investment. Our comprehensive judge analytics platform helps you gain the advantages you need over opposing counsel. With Gavelytics, we provide product options that can benefit your organization, regardless of its size.

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