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Access to Justice: How Judicial Analytics Technology is Helping Low-Income Californians Assert Their Rights

It’s 2018 and legal analytics are increasingly being adopted by top law firms to help secure favorable outcomes in litigation. Judicial analytics, a class of legal analytics, offer previously unavailable insights into judicial behavior and help litigators customize their litigation strategies according to the judge overseeing their case. These insights can often mean the difference between winning a case and losing it. But what about individuals who, for whatever reason, face hurdles in securing legal counsel and gaining access to cutting edge legal technology? At Gavelytics, we want our judicial analytics platform to improve access to justice for low-income Californians. Which is why we have decided to take action.

In the fight to help lower barriers to justice, Gavelytics is providing Western Center on Law & Poverty free access to its AI-powered judicial analytics platform. California’s oldest and largest low-income legal services support center, Western Center and its team of pro-bono attorneys will now have easy access to vital information regarding Los Angeles County Superior Court judges. At no cost, these passionate advocates will be able to utilize actionable judicial data on par with some of the nation’s largest law firms.

Leading the fight to secure housing, health care and racial justice for low-income Californians, Western Center is driven by the belief that all Californians — regardless of income or social status — deserve the finest possible legal representation. Western Center fights for justice and attains real-world policy solutions for their clients through litigation, legislative and policy advocacy, and technical assistance and legal support for the state’s legal aid programs.

Gavelytics empowers Western Center’s pro-bono attorneys to quickly identify their assigned judge’s characteristics and tendencies, and devise a litigation strategy tailored to achieve victory for their clients. The technology tracks how each judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions, how quickly judges move through their cases and how frequently lawyers file peremptory challenges against them, allowing the litigators to develop customized litigation strategies.

Access to justice is something we at Gavelytics are passionate about. By leveling the playing field and providing low-income individuals with top-notch legal representation, Western Center is pursuing an important mission. We are honored to be a part of that effort by ensuring that our one-of-a-kind technology can be used in support of social justice ideals.