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Gavelytics Secures Patent for Judicial Analytics Platform

LOS ANGELES (December 2019) -- Gavelytics, a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company, is pleased to announce that it has secured a patent for its trial court data analytics platform, which helps attorneys better position their cases for success, analyze a judge’s hidden tendencies, generate more business, and manage client expectations.

Patent no. 10,452,734 for “Data Visualization Platform for Use in a Network Environment” covers Gavelytics’s invention of a unique way to parse, visualize and display data surrounding reassignment motions and similar filings, to compare such motions among a number of judges, and to predict which new judge will be assigned after a reassignment motion is granted. Inventors named on the patent include Rick Merrill, Juan Carlos Moreno, Jason Madsen, Brandon Hinesley, and Edgar Alejandro Anzaldua Moreno. Gavelytics worked with Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP on the patent application.

“We are confident that our patented technology will continue to support our company’s growth as we expand throughout the United States,” said Merrill, Gavelytics Founder and CEO. “We look forward to launching new geographic coverage and products in the coming months.”

Named among the National Law Journals’ 2019 Emerging Legal Technologies, Gavelytics is focused on bringing its state-level trial court analytics platform to more attorneys nationwide. Gavelytics uses artificial intelligence and attorney review to help litigators quickly identify judges’ tendencies, to understand the activities of competing law firms, and to research the trial court activities of parties in ways never before possible.

Gavelytics recently launched its coverage of New York trial court data. Trial court data from California, Nevada and Florida also are available in the platform, and additional states will be added in coming months.

About Gavelytics Gavelytics is a Los Angeles-based legal technology software company that provides law firms, insurance companies, advocacy organizations and corporate legal departments with state trial court analytics. Gavelytics legal artificial intelligence provides actionable insights that help lawyers win more motions, win more cases, and win more business. For more information, visit