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Gavelytics / Casetext Briefs Database Integration Use Cases

Dec. 14, 2021

Casetext and Gavelytics have entered into a partnership that grants Castext users access to Gavelytics’ vast and constantly growing briefs database. The new Casetext / Gavelytics’ briefs database can help you level up your practice in three key ways: (1) you can study the legal work performed in similar cases, (2) you can review the strategies and work product of opposing counsel, or (3) you can develop an understanding of a judge’s behavior.

One significant way to use briefs is to study the legal work performed in cases similar to yours. There is often no reason to “reinvent the wheel” regarding legal standards, as most of them are well established by precedent, and having access to briefs from other cases allows you to study how other attorneys have written their briefs in cases similar to yours. Moreover, smaller law firms typically lack the extensive briefs banks that larger law firms possess. Having access to briefs from top-tier law firms gives you the ability to examine the most successful arguments and caselaw citations. For example, a litigator who has never worked on a trade secrets case will now be able to search through the Casetext / Gavelytics briefs bank and find the most relevant material to aid them in research and drafting. There is almost always a case out there similar to yours. Having access to millions of briefs covering a plethora of topics allows you to find relevant work products to make your job easier quickly.

Another critical use case for the Casetext / Gavelytics briefs database is the ability to study other lawyers, including opposing counsel. For example, suppose you are working as general counsel for a large business considering hiring an outside law firm. In that case, you can search through the briefs database to find lawyers and firms who work similar cases to your need and assess the quality of their work. Furthermore, and more importantly, if you are litigating directly, you are given direct insight into the opposing counsel’s past work. You are then more prepared as a litigator to know what you might face in terms of the writing style they use, motions they may file, or any unique methods or approaches they’ve used during a case. Aided with this info, you can go into your case confidently and understand and predict how counsel might act, putting yourself two steps ahead of the competition.

Finally, the Casetext / Gavelytics briefs database allows inside access into the minds of judges and how they address cases like yours. It’s easy to search through the database for briefs filed in front of particular judges. Suppose, for example, that you are working on a summary judgment motion in an employment case in front of Judge X. You’ll use the database to find similar motions, including oppositions and replies, filed in front of Judge X to get an idea about what sort of arguments the judge has seen and what the judge may have found persuasive. Knowing how a judge might react to specific arguments or motions gives you an advantage that was previously impossible to have.

Briefs offer insights for lawyers in countless ways. With the new Casetext / Gavelytics briefs database, lawyers can study legal work performed in similar cases, learn about the quality of other lawyers or opposing counsel, and get insights into the mind of the judge. The integration of Gavelytics and Castext makes this possible, giving you access to millions of briefs across both Northern and Southern California and soon to be expanded into other states. These briefs will help you obtain the best possible outcomes in your cases, giving you all the knowledge you need to rise above your competition.

Read the official release here: Casetest and Gavelytics Announce Product Integration.


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