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Legal KM Community Issues a Demand: Give Us State Court Rulings and Judicial Analytics

In recent years, legal knowledge management (KM) has evolved from a loosely defined concept to a critical function of the world’s leading law firms. Firms are now hungry for valuable KM tools that not only automate the mundane parts of the legal profession, but also empower attorneys to gain a competitive edge and efficiently deliver exceptional client service.

Prolific legal blogger Jean O’Grady recently shared the results of her regular Start Stop Survey, in which she detailed all of the legal technology and KM products and services that her readers were most excited about. The survey results make clear that the legal industry is demanding products that help attorneys streamline their workflows, perform legal research, manage litigation and anticipate judicial outcomes. Not surprisingly, legacy research products (such as Lexis and Westlaw) that once ruled the day are facing stiff competition from new, more powerful and nimble technologies.

While it was great to see that Gavelytics was named among the shortlist of “recommended products” by Jean’s community of readers, the survey section that most stood out to me was the “pie in the sky” question, if you will. Jean asked participants what technology they wish existed. Not surprisingly, for the second year in a row, “The non-existent product most in demand by readers is a Pacer-like system for all 50 state court dockets and analytics.”

The KM community’s purpose for demanding state court rulings combined with analytical insights is clear: litigators should be able to know more about their assigned judges, and relevant past rulings, before stepping foot in a courtroom. A litigator who can write a brief with a judge’s specific tendencies in mind has a much better shot at winning the case than the litigator who lacks such insight.

So, the legal KM community wants a judicial analytics platform, with state court data, that delivers actionable insights and patterns on trial judges? Of course, as the co-founder of the company, I can’t help but be a little biased — but I’m here to tell you that this “pie-in-the-sky” dream product is already here, and it’s called Gavelytics.

When we show a prospective law firm partner the Gavelytics platform, they can hardly believe it is real — such has been the historical difficulty of gathering useful information about state court judges. Gavelytics has already launched in California, the state with the most litigation activity in the nation, with plans for further growth.

As we continue to expand our reach, more litigators will have quick and easy access to state court rulings and immediate insight into judicial tendencies. The “pie in the sky” is not so very far away after all. Take a bite.