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Judicial Analytics on the Rise and CA Firms Are Taking Notice

Word has certainly gotten out that a county-level judicial analytics tool is available in Southern California and, soon, the rest of the Golden State. On January 12, 2018, in an article entitled “Analytics companies offer data on judicial tendencies,” the Daily Journal took an in-depth look at how legal technology platforms like Gavelytics are disrupting the traditional notions of legal research.

As one attorney quoted in the article put it, the data provided by Gavelytics is “much more useful than the information lawyers get from emailing their partners for intelligence.” And, that’s ultimately the point — attorneys are tired of guessing how judges might rule, and scavenging for tidbits of information, and are therefore actively looking for an effective and affordable way to eliminate guesswork and develop litigation strategy tailored to their judge.

This is not about “exposing” judges, or playing a game of “gotcha” in order to embarrass or subvert judges. We are all on the same team here. The more we know about how a judge manages her courtroom, and what types of legal arguments she finds the most persuasive, the better for every party to a litigation. Judicial analytics is all about promoting law firm efficiency while delivering actionable data that drives litigation strategy and improves client outcomes. California litigators are starting to get excited about this, and one day they will look back at how they used to sloppily gather judicial data, and it will be nothing but a faint memory.