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Gavelytics Enhances Judicial Analytics Platform to Include Attorneys’ Subjective Insights

July 23, 2018, , ,

AI-Based Legal Technology Company Announces Partnership with James Publishing

LOS ANGELES, JULY 23, 2018 AI-based judicial analytics company Gavelytics today announces it has entered into a strategic partnership with James Publishing to license the legal publisher’s California Courts & Judges content, providing litigators with even deeper insights into judges’ tendencies.

“This pairing of attorneys’ qualitative insights with our expansive set of quantitative data makes Gavelytics an even more robust tool for litigators. We’re excited to offer subscribers this additional resource, which helps paint a full and complete picture of California civil judges,” said Rick Merrill, CEO of Gavelytics. “James Publishing also produces practical content and insightful treatises covering Illinois, Texas, New York and Florida – all states we plan to expand into, making this an ideal partnership for Gavelytics, and a tremendous value to our subscribers.”

Gavelytics uses artificial intelligence to identify and visualize patterns and tendencies in judicial decision-making, including behaviors such as: a propensity for favoring plaintiffs or defendants; how judges are inclined to rule on pivotal motions; judicial workload; contact information and courtroom rules; and pre-bench career.

California Courts & Judges includes revealing and actionable quotes from attorneys about each California Superior Court judge, covering such factors as: temperament and demeanor; natural proclivities; intelligence and knowledge; motion practice; handling trials; settlements; and continuances.

Our content includes candid and frank attorney comments about California judges, compiled through extensive interviews,” said Kara Prior, president of James Publishing. “We are thrilled to now be partnering with Gavelytics, whose powerful data visualization platform, combined with our archive of valuable observations from attorneys, make this a one-of-a-kind research tool.”

Straightforward commentary from veteran attorneys makes Gavelytics’ new California Courts & Judges feature a vital component of any litigation strategy. The commentary runs the gamut, from practical to incendiary, from procedural to personal, but invariably helps litigators gain a more thorough understanding of a given judge. Below are examples of the types of qualitative insights this new feature provides:

The worst

  • “She’s particularly dangerous when it comes to evaluating a personal injury claim.”
  • “He treats everyone the same – with disrespect.”
  • “I think she belongs in a prison guarding violent prisoners. She’s that vicious.”
  • “How he rules just depends on which attorney he likes the best.”

In between

  • “He’s got that common judge’s tendency to favor the prosecution.”
  • “Pushes crash settlements.”
  • “He’s against corporations and for the small fellow.”
  • “He has trouble making up his mind and he can be led astray.”

The best

  • “She gets to the heart of the issue right away and makes her decision on that basis.”
  • “He actually reads the papers. He’s prepared and he’s decisive.”
  • “He has a wonderful working knowledge of criminal law.”
  • “Keep him for trial. He is tremendous.”

Such information is especially relevant in jurisdictions like California, which allow parties to remove judges, as Gavelytics pinpoints which judges receive the most CCP §170.6 peremptory challenges, broken down by filing party and case type, helping litigators learn and understand what local practitioners typically do when first assigned that judge in similar cases.

About James Publishing

Since 1981, James Publishing has provided practical law books that are loaded with time-saving motions and pleadings, client letters, and step-by-step procedural checklists, pattern arguments, model questions, pitfalls to avoid and practice tips.

About Gavelytics

Gavelytics provides actionable insights that help litigators win more motions, win more cases and win more business. With Gavelytics, learn: whether a judge is good or bad for your client; the rate at which other lawyers file peremptory challenges against a judge; how a judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions; if a judge is more likely to favor specific types of litigants; and how a judge’s workload might impact the speed at which litigation proceeds. All judges have certain tendencies. Gavelytics identifies them. For more information, please visit

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