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I’ve never seen anything like it. It presents really useful information in a compelling way.

Bobby Schwartz, Litigation Partner | Irell & Manella LLP

Gavelytics Features

Motion Analyzer

Learn how your judge rules on over 100 different types of motions

The Motion Analyzer tracks how a judge has ruled on over 100 different types of California motions, including summary judgment, demurrers, and motions to compel–all searchable by case type and filing party. Compare your judge’s ruling tendencies to those of the average judge so you can determine if your judge is an outlier–and what to do about it.

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Judicial Workload

Understand how quickly (or slowly) your judge deals with cases

Discover the average time to trial, average delay between complaint filing and the initial CMC, and average case length, all compared to the jurisdictional average. Plan your case strategy and better manage client expectations.

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Know immediately if your judge is good or bad for your client

The Gavelscore score tells you at a glance whether a judge has ruled more often for plaintiffs or defendants in bench trials. No more guesswork about the judge’s most crucial decisions.

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Judge Information

Get judge bio and contact info all in one place

The convenient Judge Information page contains a judge’s pre-bench career experience, bench history, office contact information, staff’s names, and courtroom rules.

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Judge Summary

See crucial judge ruling and docket speed data in a single dashboard

The Judge Summary page takes the most important judicial data points, like tendencies on summary judgment motions, discovery motions and docket speed, and puts them in a simple dashboard for easy reference.

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CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

Learn how often parties make CCP § 170.6 filings against your judge

Take advantage of the wisdom of the crowds and see how often other parties paper your judge, all searchable by filing party and case type.

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Arbitration Analytics

See how your arbitrator acted while on the bench

Gone are the days when the tendencies of your arbitrator or mediator are completely unknowable. If your arbitrator or mediator was a Superior Court judge, Gavelytics has analytics about their time on the bench, allowing you to discover how they are likely to behave in your dispute. If your arbitrator leaned strongly pro-plaintiff and rarely granted summary judgement motions while a judge, the odds are high that she will do the same in your arbitration. Don’t guess about your arbitrator; use Gavelytics and be certain.

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Ruling Database

Perform better research by reviewing your judge’s actual motion rulings

The Ruling Database is a searchable collection of rulings issued by trial court judges that enable litigators to see a judge’s preferred case law, depth of writing and reasoning, and overall experience with legal issues and motion practice. Write better motions by seeing what has worked–and not worked–in the past in front of your judge.

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Judge Review by James Publishing

See what other experienced attorneys have to say about the judge

California Judge Reviews by James Publishing feature candid comments by experienced California litigators about California Superior Court judges and commissioners. Learn what other litigators think of your judge with respect to temperament, trials, motion practice, and more. Gavelytics is proud to partner with James Publishing for this top-flight content.

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