What is in the Gavelytics judge database?

May 19, 2018

Never before available, actionable insights about the tendencies of California Superior Court judges. The Gavelytics judge database includes, inter alia:

(1) the Gavelscore, which contains data about a judge’s tendency to rule more or less often for plaintiffs or defendants;

(2) the Motion Analyzer, with an easy-to-use format that quickly shows how a judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions, all searchable by filing party and case type;

(3) the Judge Information page, which has the judge’s contact information, pre-bench background, courtroom rules, and staff’s names all in one convenient place;

(4) the Judicial Workload feature, which displays three different measures of the speed at which a judge moves through his or her caseload, all compared to that of the average judge in the jurisdiction;

(5) the CCP 170.6 analyzer which displays the rate at which a judge receives CCP 170.6 filings, all searchable by case type and filing party, and

(6) the Judge Summary, which displays key motion and speed data all in place, so a litigator can get a high level understanding of a judge all in one glance.

(7) the searchable Ruling Database, which contains tens of thousands of trial court rulings, fully indexed by motion type and outcome, and fully text-searchable, so you can read actual rulings by your judge, in cases like yours, about motions you care about.

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