I’m a litigator. Why do I need Gavelytics?

May 19, 2018

It has long been impossible to get meaningful data about California Superior Court judges. Litigators have had no unbiased, data-driven way of knowing if a judge is good or bad for their client, if a judge tends to grant or deny particular types of motions, or who tends to win or lose before a particular judge. Litigators have had to rely on rumors, anecdotes, guesswork and the random office-wide email. This has resulted in lost motions, lost cases, and lost business.

Gavelytics solves these problems. Gavelytics’ AI-powered judicial analytics platform helps litigators quickly identify their judge’s tendencies and determine if the judge will be favorable to their client. The technology reveals for the first time the vast differences between judges by tracking how each judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions, how quickly judges move through their cases, and how frequently lawyers file peremptory challenges against all judges, allowing litigators to develop litigation and business development strategies customized to specific judges.

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