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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Gavelytics judge reports?

  • I’m a litigator. Why do I need Gavelytics?

  • Is Gavelytics expensive?

  • Will my client pay for this?

  • Do Gavelytics reports work on mobile phones or other small screens?

Gavelytics Judge Database Content

  • What is in the Gavelytics judge database?

  • What jurisdictions do you cover?

  • What motion types are covered by the motion analyzer?

  • How does Gavelytics work?

  • How often does Gavelytics update its data?

  • What specific types of cases fall into the “case type” categories?

  • What goes into the Gavelscore(TM)?

Gavelytics Company Information

  • Who are you people?

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