All judges have tendencies. Gavelytics identifies them.

Gavelytics is a judicial analytics tool that gives litigators actionable knowledge to help win more cases and more business.

Historically, there has been no quantifiable way to know if a judge is good or bad for your client.

Litigators have had to rely on anecdotes or useless web searches instead of actionable data about their judge, and have been forced to use a one-size-fits-all strategy for their case, regardless of who the judge is.

There is a better way.

Win more with Gavelytics

Using our AI-powered analysis algorithm, you can now quickly determine if a judge is good or bad for your client and develop a customized litigation strategy or business pitch.

What can I do with Gavelytics?

Motion Analyzer

Learn how a judge tends to rule on over 100 different types of motions

Judicial Workload

Discover if a judge is busier than the average judge in the jurisdiction


Get insight into a judge's tendencies to rule for plaintiffs or defendants

Judge Information

Receive a judge's contact information, pre-bench career and courtroom rules

Judge Summary

Get a high-level overview of a judge's key tendencies, all in one place

CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

See how often a judge receives CCP § 170.6 filings

Arbitrator Analytics

Learn how an arbitrator or mediator ruled when on the bench

Ruling Database

Search thousands of rulings to find a judge's case law and reasoning

Judge Review by James Publishing

See what other experienced attorneys have to say about a judge

Before Gavelytics, the only feedback we could get about a judge was general, anecdotal information from colleagues and friends. Now, Gavelytics gives us real information based upon how that judge has actually ruled in other cases.

Andy Baum, Partner | Glaser Weil

Learn how firms like yours are using Gavelytics.

Revising Strategy

Custom Tailored Litigation

With Gavelytics, you can customize your strategy to the judge in ways never before possible. Should you 170.6 your judge, and why or why not? Does your judge endlessly give plaintiffs leave to amend their complaint? Does your judge tend to rarely grant discovery motions and sanctions? Has your judge not seen a SLAPP motion in the last two years? Does your judge actually pull the trigger on motions for summary judgment? Knowing the answers to these and many other questions, in advance, allows the modern litigator to steer the case in ways most advantageous to their clients.

Client Relations

Better Client Communication

How long will this case take? Is this judge the most plaintiff-friendly in town? Does this judge tend to hate pleadings motions? Will this judge sanction us if we lose a discovery motion? What does this judge tend to do in bench trials? Instead of guessing or providing vague answers to these types of client questions, the modern litigator can use Gavelytics to better communicate with their client and provide unbiased, data-driven answers about possible litigation outcomes.

Pitching Clients

Pitches are Better with Data

Use Gavelytics to set yourself apart when pitching prospective clients by demonstrating your inside knowledge of the judge and what to do about it. Gone are the days of simply stating your firm’s history and expertise. Now you can explain your customized approach to the judge and how you would serve the client better than any other firm in town. Discover what Am Law 100 firms have already learned: Gavelytics is a competitive edge that increases firm revenue.

Latest News

Gavelytics Accelerates National Expansion with CourtCall Partnership

Oct 17, 2018

Gavelytics, the leading provider of actionable, reliable data on Superior Court judges, today announces a partnership with remote court appearance pioneer CourtCall. The partnership will help accelerate the growth of Gavelytics’ judicial analytics platform nationally by offering Gavelytics products to thousands more lawyers.

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