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What can I do with Gavelytics?

  • Pitch Clients Stand out to clients by knowing how fast or slow your judge rules, what happens at trial, and how your judge treats discovery.

  • Data-Backed Strategy Reference over 8 million trial court documents to understand your judge’s legal position and gain an edge.

  • Manage Client Expectations Keep clients prepared for the length of litigation with judge timing data like their average time to trial.

  • Avoid Wasted Motions There’s a state judge who hasn’t granted an MSJ for plaintiffs in five years. Avoid similar traps and warn your client in advance.

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Before Gavelytics, the only feedback we could get about a judge was general, anecdotal information from colleagues and friends. Now, Gavelytics gives us real information based upon how that judge has actually ruled in other cases.

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Judicial Analytics – Improve Your Litigation Success and Business Pitch

In the past, litigators have possessed limited tools and information to help determine the tendencies of a judge. They have had to depend on fruitless web searches and available anecdotes instead of concrete data. A uniform, non-customized strategy was the only option in preparing for their case, regardless of the identity of the judge. With the emergence of Gavelytics, you, as an attorney, now have a judicial analytics tool that can supply you with actionable knowledge to help you win the case for your client and also garner more business. The platform provides real, substantive information on how a particular judge in California has ruled in previous cases.

Judicial Analytics for More Wins

The AI-powered algorithm that runs the Gavelytics engine can help you quickly evaluate the judge trying your client’s case, and from that information create a customized legal strategy. As well, the legal analytics capabilities at your disposal can help you enhance your business by enabling you to explain to your prospective clients how you can approach the judge more effectively than other law firms.

With Gavelytics you can:

  • Obtain insight into the tendencies of a judge to rule for defendants or plaintiffs
  • Discover the tendencies of a judge to rule on more than 100 different types of motions
  • Find out a judge’s case law and reasoning by searching thousands of rulings
  • Learn how frequently a judge receives 170.6 § CCP filings
  • Obtain a judge’s contact information, courtroom rules, and pre-bench career info
  • View a judge’s key tendencies in one location through a high-level overview
  • Learn if a judge takes on greater caseload than the average judge within the jurisdiction
  • Discover how a mediator or arbitrator ruled when serving on the bench
  • Find out the opinions of other experienced lawyers about the judge

Gavelytics is a highly innovative litigation analytics tool that helps you obtain the answers to many questions about a particular California judge’s tendencies. With this information in hand, you can develop the most effective legal strategy possible for your clients.

For more information about our high-powered judge analytics platform, Gavelytics, call us today at 310.314.0179, complete our contact form, or schedule a demo.

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