Best in State Court Litigation Analytics
Patented, AI-powered analysis of tens of millions of state court litigation documents uncovering hidden patterns of behavior of judges, law firms, lawyers, litigants and more, coast-to-coast
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Judicial Insights & Tendencies
  • Judicial experience, speed, briefs before him/her
  • Rulings by motion type and outcome
  • Frequency of peremptory challenge filings
  • Motion analysis and bench trial tendencies
Law firm & Lawyer Performance Analysis
  • Client and case lists
  • Case types and outcomes
  • Presiding judges
Litigant History & Discovery
  • What law firms they’ve hired
  • Case types and outcomes
  • Presiding judges
Advanced Legal Document Database
  • Millions of dockets, rulings, and briefs
  • Easy-to-use resource for legal research and expanding brief banks
Easy-to-use, decision-driving data & analysis
Judicial Analytics
Proprietary insights into judges’ tendencies
Gavelytics produces the best, most reliable and insightful state court judicial analytics available anywhere. See how judges rule on motions, bench trials, what experience they have in different types of cases, what law firms and litigants have appeared before the judge, search through millions of documents linked to judges, and more.
Law Firms & Lawyers
Law firm and lawyer experience and performance data at your fingertips
Gavelytics provides valuable information about law firms and lawyers and their behavior in state court. Motion practice performance, client rosters, case loads, documents produced or opposed are just some of the critical data points you’ll have access to.
Get litigant history and information you need to know
Analyze the state court litigation of millions of litigants in states coast to coast, see how often parties are sued, for what, which law firms are involved, what happens in those cases, and more.
Legal Research & Brief Database
Easy-to-use, legal research resource with massive amounts of case augmenting data and briefs.
Engage in a new kind of legal research by using the proprietary Gavelytics database to see what arguments judges find convincing, how a lawyer or law firm writes its briefs (with the Gavelytics database of 6m+ briefs), and more.
"Before Gavelytics, the only feedback we could get about a judge was general, anecdotal information from colleagues and friends. Now, Gavelytics gives us real information based upon how that judge has actually ruled in other cases."
Andy Baum, Partner | Glaser Weil