All judges have tendencies.
Gavelytics identifies them.
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Historically, there has been no quantifiable way to know if a judge is good or bad for your client

Litigators have had to rely on anecdotes or useless web searches instead of on actionable data about their judge, and have been forced to use a one-size-fits-all strategy for their case, regardless of who the judge is. There is a better way.


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Gavelytics gives litigators actionable knowledge that helps them win more cases and more business

Gavelytics' AI-powered analysis algorithm parses vast amounts of litigation data to generate actionable insight. You can now quickly determine if a judge is good or bad for your client and develop a customized litigation strategy or business pitch.

What Can I Do With Gavelytics?
  • CCP §170.6 the judge if the data suggests she may be hostile to your client
  • Learn how your judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions
  • Keep your client better informed about potential motion and case outcomes
  • Write your briefs differently if the judge appears hostile to a particular motion type
  • Adjust your settlement posture based on likely case or motion outcomes
  • Set your firm apart by leveraging the latest in judicial analytics technology
Win More With Gavelytics
What is in the Gavelytics judge database?

Motion Analyzer

Learn how a judge tends to rule on over 100 different types of motions compared to the average judge in the jurisdiction.

Judicial Workload

Discover if this judge is busier than the average judge in the jurisdiction.

CCP § 170.6 Analyzer

See how often a judge receives CCP § 170.6 filings, divisible by case type and filing party


Gain a data-driven, unbiased view of a judge's tendencies to rule for plaintiffs or defendants.

Contact and Biographical Information

Quickly find the judge's contact information, pre-bench career and courtroom rules all in one place.

Judge Summary

Get a high-level overview of a judge's key tendencies, all in one place.

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